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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

So I thought I might update my blog on the adventures of me trying to figure out and maintain a healthy lifestyle change for my family. I honestly didn't and still don't think I was feeding my family horrible foods and unhealty meals, but I knew I could do better. Chris and myself always talk about doing this and that, losing weight, eating healthier and excercising more. Most of the time with our busy lives nothing ever comes up it except another conversation down the road about the same things. Since I have been blessed to be at home with my family for a few months and really think about every meal we are eating I decided right now is a better time than not to get ahold of our eating habits, change them and really get an established lifestyle going before I head back to work (now is just a few more weeks...sad but it will all work out for the best) I have becoming absorbed by different blogs, online Paleo sites, pinterest and facebook pages. The majority of my facebook feed now is Paleo eating, Just Eat Right and other healthy eating receipes and updates for me. It really helps me find easy dinner ideas and it on my mind when I am on facebook at least daily and seeing these things constantly. I have about 10 new blogs I follow now and a LONG list of bookmarks on my phone. Hopefully I can figure out how to organize all this coming at me and really get a handle on a few things. I have been trying different things, what will be easy dinners, what might take more time, figuring out how to grocery shop, stubstitues for other things, Chris breakfast/lunch/snacks....honestly that is the hardest because he works on his feet and he only wants to eat veggies/fruits/meats he is runing out of energy through the day so I am having to come up with creative ideas to get him to eat more carbs or proteins to keep up his energy. Again all learning and I love it! As I find things my idea is I can sit down and update my blog so I have a go-to place for things I read and follow and in the rare chance that someone else who is trying to make changes wants to follow and read what i am finding then great! Hopefully it won't be another 6 months before I update again...wouldnt' put it past me though :)
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